August 27, 2004

Techweb > News > Windows XP Service Pack 2 security > Microsoft: Hackers Wouldn't Bother To Spoof SP2's Security Center > August 26, 2004

In response to finding that any program running on Windows can turn spoof the results of whether there is a wirewall or antivirus program running on windows Microsoft said “Criminal actions the attacker could pursue include many that are far more interesting than spoofing the Windows Security Center,” the joy of 'trustworthy computing' an enormous hole is found within days of the release of the cornerstone of Microsofts claim to better security. Their answer? Ignore it, it doesn't matter there are much bigger holes out there. Yes I really feel reassured now. This is from a patch that was primarily designed, and marketed, to plug all the security holes in Microsofts software.


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